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Queensland Heeler puppies born 09/11/09.

Here are the six puppies from the Queensland Heeler litter (Cutter x Jabberwocky). This is the first litter for both.
Photos taken at 22 days old; photos sized to look equal
. Click on photo to view that puppy's page with photos of all ages.
The newest photos posted 10/22 at 5 1/2 weeks old. Click on a photo to view larger images of that puppy.
Queensland Heeler puppies are born white (some with patches). The color begins coming in on the puppies at about 2-3 weeks old.
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J1.Blue Female (Cutter x Jabberwocky).  Owner = Austin Clary    J2.Blue Female (Cutter x Jabberwocky).  Reserved    J3.Blue Female (Cutter x Jabberwocky).  Owner = Rob & Stacy Steinmetz
J4.Blue Male (Cutter x Jabberwocky).  Owner = Eddy Brooks    J5.Blue Male (Cutter x Jabberwocky).  Owner = Travis Redd.    J6.Blue Male (Cutter x Jabberwocky).  Owner = Phillip & Lou Ellen Scott
Note: Cutter (red) x Yoda (blue) puppies due mid-November 2009!
Identification of Queensland Heeler puppy photos:

J1-Blue Female (Owner - Austin Clary), J2-Blue Female (Reserved - Tom DeBacco), J3-Blue Female (Owner - Rob & Stacy Steinmetz), J4-Blue Male (Owner - Eddy Brooks), J5-Blue Male (Owner - Travis Redd), J6-Blue Male (Owner - Phillip & Lou Ellen Scott).  All Queensland Heeler puppies will have docked tails unless reserved otherwise, will be socialized, will be wormed 2x, and have their first shots. Price = $275 each.
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