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Stacy Rivera holding blue and red Queensland Heeler puppies.Queensland Heeler Puppy Photos

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Queensland Heeler puppies are born all white, with only their dark patches to help identify what color they will be -- blue or red. At approximately 2 weeks of age, their color begins to appear and gradually darkens over a couple of months. We spend a great deal of time socializing and playing with our Queensland Heeler puppies to ensure they are friendly, happy and well-adjusted. A well-adjusted Queensland Heeler puppy should bring you many, many years of pleasure, protection and loyal friendship.
    Two day old Queensland Heeler puppies - blues and reds.    Two day old blue heeler pup on left, and red heeler pup on right.
Stefanie Downing holding a blue Queensland Heeler pup.    Red Queensland Heeler puppy.    Stacy Rivera playing with red and blue Queensland Heeler puppies.
Stacy Rivera with Bridgette and her pups - Queensland Heelers.    Stefanie Downing holding a red and a blue Queensland Heeler pup.
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